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Bundoora Calisthenics exists to provide our performers with inspiration and an opportunity to participate and enjoy their calisthenics, with all the added benefits of fun, fitness and friendship. Whether it be for participation or winning championships, the success of achieving these outcomes is primarily due to the important club people involved and especially to vital contributors such as our coaches.

Bundoora Calisthenics endeavours to help the ‘whole-person’ to grow in their desired direction to ensure we promote positive attitudes, advancement, motivation and provide opportunities for development of new skills. We provide our members with a space of belonging that supports inclusion, diversity, personal development, life-skills, mental and physical health and connection with other like-minded people. 


Maintaining a ‘person centred approach’ is our number one goal to ensure our performers thrive in a coaching environment where we are interested in them as a person first and a performer second by guiding and mentoring our members to develop many transferable life skills that helps them grow and achieve outside of our sport as well.

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“To inspire personal empowerment and a sense of community among Club members; to contribute to the continual growth and evolution of Calisthenics as a sport.”


"To provide club members with a positive calisthenics experience that promotes fun, friendship, commitment and a lasting love of the sport."

Established in 1968 Bundoora Calisthenic Club is a family friendly, committee run competitive club that provides the local community and our members with an inspiring experience of Calisthenics.


We promote a fun inclusive environment that fosters an ongoing love for our sport, where team commitment is emphasised through positive friendships, empowerment, and team spirit.

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