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Strength & Flex Classes

Our Strength and flex Classes are absolutely FREE, running fortnightly on a Monday Night during Term 1 as an additional class, open to all our members of varying ages and abilities. 


One of our members favourite classes, where they have the opportunity to gain strength and build on their existing skill set, through a fun and engaging program, where they get to connect with other sections right through the club.

It's not all hard work and sweat at our Strength and Flex classes, there is always time for some fun and games.


Specialist Classes

Our specialist classes are a fantastic opportunity for our performers to learn new skills for their teams calisthenic season. The classes usually include specialist teaching from calisthenic and non-calisthenic backgrounds. Keep your eye out for these sessions and dates.


Coaching Pathways & Assistants

Members and external applicants who would like to assist Coaches can submit an ‘Expression of Interest’. These positions are advertised at the end of each competition season. Successful applicants will be notified and contacted to discuss their role, as well as any expected training requirements.


Non-Accredited VCCA Members & Assistants are always supervised by an accredited Level 1 Coach and are required to provide a current Working with Children Check. It is also desired that they have a current First Aid Certificate and are undertaking Pupil Skills or a Coaching Pathway.


Pupil Skills Program

Pupil Exams assist performers to develop technique and performances of Calisthenic movements. Exams are held May/June and November/December each year. Classes are organised and run in the weeks prior to the exam period.

If you are interested in our Skills Program, either as recreational or for formal qualifications get in touch with us


Solos, Gracefuls, Duos & Trios

Solos, gracefuls, duos and trios are a great opportunity for performers to focus on and improve a wide range of their calisthenic development and skill; technique, mastering of advanced movements, performance style, confidence, individual growth and character building.

Although calisthenics is a team sport many members like to perform in solos, gracefuls, duos or trios for further development and individual growth in a 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 environment with the coach.

To find out more about solos, gracefuls, duos and trios click the button below or contact us

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