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Lorraine Eddings
Junior Memorial Award

Lorraine joined BCC in 1974 when her daughter Maree started as a tiny. Lorraine and Maree both hold life memberships at the club. 


Lorraine was our longest standing president, holding the position for more than 15 years. She was a big believer of children participating in sport, she loved watching them grow. Lorraine loved our club and was a wonderful supporter of Calisthenics. 


Lorraine holds a special place in many of our hearts. Lorraine sadly passed away in 2016, and this award was created in memory of her dedication to the club.

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Pauline Baker
Intermediate Memorial Award

Pauline was a member of Bundoora from 1978 until 1999. Pauline’s daughters Elise and Kate were both competitors at the club and Pauline was their number one fan.


Pauline was a great club person, always there to lend a hand and support the club. She was a fun loving lady who made many great friends over the years and taught many mum’s to sew throughout her time at the club.


Pauline sadly passed away in 1999, and this award was created in her honour.

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Sherill Hickey
Senior Memorial Award

Sherill was a wonderful member at Bundoora. Sherill’s daughter Louise was a competitor at the club as both an intermediate and a senior. Sherill was a great supporter of Bundoora, lending a hand wherever needed. She especially loved the Ballarat Competitions, as this was one of her favourite times of the year. She continued to come to Ballarat to support the girls even after Louise had retired from competing.

Sherill was a beautiful seamstress and helped sew many costumes over the years. Sadly Sherill passed away suddenly in 2011 and this award was created in her honour to be awarded to the Senior who loves her calisthenics and is a great club person.

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Joyce Bakker
Club Person Memorial Award

Joyce Bakker was the Mum of our very first coach at BCC Judy Blockley. She joined the club in 1968. Joyce was a wonderful member of our club and was a great support to her daughter and the other coaches while at the club.

Joyce loved Calisthenics and watching the girls improve. Joyce was happy to help out wherever needed. Joyce retired when Judy retired from coaching in the mid 80’s and this award was created in memory of Joyce’s support to the establishment and early years of the club.

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